£99 Android tablet on the way from Arnova

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If you want in on the Android tablet revolution, but still want change from £100, Arnova will have you covered as they prepare to launch two cut price Android tablets this summer in the form of the Arnova 7 and Arnova 84.

In something of a trend-bucking move, we feel that the cheaper of the two tablets, the £99 Arnova 7 tablet, is the more covetable bit of kit. It may have a smaller screen size at 7 inches, but it features Android version Froyo as oppossed to the Arnova 84’s ageing 2.1 Eclair build. That’s not to say there aren’t some serious concessions being made here to hit that price point. Firstly, it’s got a finicky resistive screen, while the quoted “30,000 downloadable apps” mean it doesn’t appear to have Android Market support. Wi-Fi is built in as standard though.

The Arnova 84 ups the screen size to 8.4 inches, as well as pushing the price up to £129. Apart from the OS downgrade, it’s more or less the same tablet as the Arnova 7, including that resistive-style screen.

These won’t bother the Honeycomb touting big-boys such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the Motorola Xoom, but those on a tight budget may find some joy here.

The Arnova 7 and the Arnova 84 will be available from Comet and Asda this June.

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One thought on “£99 Android tablet on the way from Arnova

  • Who will be the Future Direction? Android or Apple?

    However, Android is still a problem should not be overlooked. Recently, the field of Android in the smart phone is Trojan Dingsi, mobile security headache enough for Google. In the field of tablet PCs, with the iPad2 release, Apple flat-panel market share continues to top ranking, in addition, Android Market very different application than the App Store. Thus, Android frequency of their own problems, attempt to challenge Apple’s difficulty is not small.

    Everything has a double nature, Android open-source policy or have the advantage. For example: support for Android mobile phone brand and model number, high and low priced products are covered, which can meet the different needs of the audience; than Apple, Android is free of most applications, but Android is very easy to install and so on.

    Android can beat the iPad tablet? I think perhaps with “more than” the word would be more suitable, because the emergence of Android Tablet PC just lets some users have a new option, and firm Apple fans will still support Apple’s own iPad, Both user groups are not for exactly the same, but it looks Android Tablet PC should be able to gain more consumers.

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