Toshiba prep the insectile ANT Honeycomb tablet

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toshiba-ant.jpgWell, honeycombs are made by bumblebees, and they’re insects too, so I guess that’s some sort of link, but apart from that, I’m lost as to why Toshiba have chosen to name their latest tablet range, packing Google’s Honeycomb OS, the ANT.

Spotted over on a Newegg product listing, it’s expected to touch down in three different configurations: the ANT-100 (8GB), ANT-102 (16GB) and ANT-104 (32GB).

At 10.1 inches in size it’s in iPad 2/ Motorola Xoom competitive territory, with a 1280×800 resolution screen. Pricing in the States is expected to begin at $449.99.

Of course, ants are pretty powerful too, carrying up to fifty times their own bodyweight. While I don’t expect the Toshiba ANT to be doing much manual labour, perhaps it’s a nod to some as-yet-secret super-charged processing power.

Via: Engadget

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