The April Fool's joke we wish was real – the RC Eagle i

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There are plenty of tech-y April Fool’s gags doing the rounds on the net today, but we’ve got a real soft spot for the RC Eagle i, a “concept product” by Thumbs Up.

Scheduled for release this Autumn (don’t hold your breath), it’s a solar powered eagle robot that would soar above the city, with a built in camera to let you view your iPad or iPhone-controlled flights.

Think the Parrot AR Drone with more feathers and a taste for field mice.

Wojtek Kolan, Business Development Director and Co-founder of Thumbs Up, said: “We’re really excited about the RC Eagle i, never before will so many people be able to experience the world by sitting comfortably at home. It’s our greatest invention yet – it’s truly unbelievable.”

Here’s a link to the “product page”. Pester the Thumbs Up team and who knows? Maybe we’ll have our solar-powered-iPhone-eagle yet!

Gerald Lynch
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