Sony NGP could be delayed by Japanese quake

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Though it in no way compares to the hardships faced by the survivors of the Tohoku earthquake in Japan back in March, that diaster has had a negative effect on the technology industry too. As well as a list of delayed games and potential iPad 2 shortages, the earthquake may now also cause the much-coveted PSP successor, codenamed the NGP, be dealyed too.

Speaking to Reuters, Sony Computer Entertainment America president Jack Tretton said that the disaster “may be the straw that says ‘maybe we get to just one market by the end of the year'”, as hardware supply issues may now come into play. His statement suggests that a simultaneous worldwide launch may now be impossible.

Every cloud has a silver lining however; Tretton stated that any delays would give softwre developers a little bit of extra time and breathing space in which to polish their games ahead of the still-unnannounced release date for the console.

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