Sony launch future-proofed XDR-S16DBP and XDRC706DBP DAB+ radios

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Sony have today lifted the lid on a pair of DAB+ enabled radios, the XDR-S16DBP and XDRC706DBP.

While the higher-quality DAB+ standard is now commonplace on the continent, it’s still yet to be established in the UK. Look at these two new radios as future-proofing your listening rather than being ready to play back DAB+ straight out of the box then.

Not that you’ll have nothing to listen to on them – both come with trusty regular DAB and FM signals.

In terms of build and features, the pictured XDR-S16DBP goes for an updated retro-chic look, with an LCD display that can be used to store ten presets for both DAB and FM favourites. Speakers come in the 0.8W+0.8W stereo variety, with the unit costing around the £80 mark.

The bedside-friendly XDRC706DBP will cost £60, with clock radio functions such as an alarm, and again 10 preset channels for each band.

Both radios are available now.

Gerald Lynch
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