Sony Honeycomb tablet device ready by the end of the summer?

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stringer-thumb.jpgSony have been keeping schtum more or less about their tablet device plans, with only a few vague rumours surrounding a September release of an “S1” tablet having previously done the rounds. However CEO Howard Stringer has apparently lifted the lid on the tablet’s specs, as well as a planned release schedule, if a Nikkei report is to be believed.

Reporting a late summer launch in the US, the tablet is rumoured to be running Android version 3.0, AKA Honeycomb. Just ahead of an EMEA release, it doesn’t add much to the rumours surrounding Sony’s device, but seeing as it comes from the head-horse’s-mouth, that’s welcome news alone.

The afore-mentioned S1 slate was apparently set to pack a 9.4 inch display alongside the Honeycomb OS, powered by a NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. Software would be in a similar style to that seen on Sony’s VAIO laptops, and would feature Qriocity streaming services and PlayStation gaming features.

Though Stringer didn’t make any direct mention to the S1, it seems we wont have long to wait to find out if any of those rumoured features will make the grade for the Sony slate.

Via: Android Community / Engadget

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