MIO launch new Spirit Sat Nav range

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UK_S685-S687_Front_ChoicsOfRoutes.jpgMIO have launched their new Spirit Sat Nav range this week, comprised of four new models. The Spirit 480, 485, 685 and 687 are all out now, available from Tesco, Argos and direct from MIO.

The range is split down the middle when it comes to size, with the more compact 480 and 485 models measuring up at 4.3 inches, while the 685 and 687 sat navs are 5 inches across. Many features carry across all models however, including Parking Assistance (showing all nearby parking spaces within a 1km radius and subscription-free traffic information.

The 685 and 687 do get a few premium features however not found on the other two devices. Firstly is the brand new Choice of Routes option, throwing up for different routes before you head out on your journey, mapped based upon the length of time it takes to reach your destination, the shortest route, the easiest route and the most economical. Secondly is the Trip Planner interface, letting drivers place multiple waypoints into suggested routes.

Voice entry and Bluetooth hands free call answering is also available in the 687 model.

In terms of cost, you’re looking at £79.99 for the 480, £89.99 for the 485, £99.99 for the 685 and £149.99 for the 687.

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  • I am hoping to be getting one of these to play with soon. I have heard great things about them but they are scarce on my side of the pond 🙂 I will let you know when I get to do a full review of one.

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