Has Apple's Tim Cook blacklisted Best Buy over iPad 2 sales?

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iPad2-official-13.jpegThings are getting a bit heated between the Best Buy and Apple camps, should a rumour floating over from CrunchGear prove to be true. They’re claiming that Best Buy have been blacklisted by the Cupertino company following a disagreement over iPad 2 sales policy.

Why would Apple turn on one of their key independent resellers? Well, we all know how Apple like to boast about first-day and first-weekend sales figures when it comes to their product launches, but apparently Best Buy had different plans for the iPad 2 stock, witholding units from sale once each store had reached a certain quota.

As a result, iPad 2 early sales figures may be a little slimmer than they potentially could have been, which has obviously riled the Apple PR machine. Even Apple COO Tim Cook has been personally laying down the law on Best Buy execs, the report claims.

If the rumour proves true, this means no more iPad 2’s for Best Buy. Ouch.

Via: CrunchGear

Gerald Lynch
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