First look: Altec Octiv 650

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Altec Octiv 650

Last week we had the chance to check out Altec Lansing’s latest iPhone/iPod friendly device, the Octiv 650. Now I know what your thinking… not another iPod dock, but Altec have done a great job refreshing this ‘classic’ device.

First off the dock delivers a seriously impressive rich sound, with its two 3″ full range drivers and a nested 4″ subwoofer. It also has component and composite video out jacks, which enable the user to output Youtube and iPlayer streams right to their TV from the dock, all with enhanced sound quality.

To coincide with the launch of this new dock, Altec is offering a free Music Mood app, which delivers an analog looking interface which allows gives users access to a 7 band graphic equaliser as well as multiple pre-sets. Additionally, it has the Ambient Sound & Visual Generator, which allows you to play ambient videos and sounds such as a crackling fireplace, ocean waves, and gentle rainfall.

The Altec Lansing Octiv 650 will be available at the end of April for £169.99.

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