we7: The mobile music streaming app that works even without internet connection

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Launching today from we7: a new mobile music service that works even when your phone doesn’t have internet access. Users can choose between a radio app which is free of charge, but for a monthly fee you can choose your own songs, albums and playlists.

This will set you back £9.99 per month, meaning the paid service is comparable to Spotify. While Spotify is also available for mobiles, we7 differs because it doesn’t require internet connection to work. The way this works is that we7 “charges” up your phone with music, using “innovative buffering and caching mechanisms” to store music data for when the phone ventures outside an internet area.

The free-to-use radio service will have several themes to choose from, like normal radio stations, with music selected from more than seven million songs. While it doesn’t explain exactly how, we7 reassures pay-as-you-go tariff users that using the service will not eat into their data allowances, meaning they will not risk run up expensive data bills.

“[we7] will transform radio listening across Europe as smartphones become the primary connected mobile device in the next few years,” says Steve Purdham, CEO of we7.

The app is available from Android Marketplace, first in Beta form. From April, we7 will launch versions for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch. Later in the year will follow versions for BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

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  • Some of the other comments have obviously not used nor read about We7…

    We7 on the computer will play ANY song they have on their database (which is like 7million songs strong)for free. We7 on the phone, once you’ve paid the £9.99 for that month, will play ANY song from that same database even when you’re not connected to the internet at that time, because of the way they work, you don’t need to connect to the internet (when on the mobile subscription thingy) to listen to any song on their database 😛

    Also, bands do earn money from their songs being played by individual users on We7.

  • Has the author of this article ever used Spotify Mobile? If she had she would know that Spotify has an offline mode not requiring a net connection for at least 30 days which is needed to confirm subscription.

    Also £9,99 seems expensive for a service that only plays the music you already own and a few radio stations. if you don’t need the stations then you might as well use iTunes and play your own music for free. There are many free internet radio apps albeit not offline but I do feel this is a pretty expensive subscription and does’t have the attraction to even go close to what Spotify have created.

  • I use the wifi2hifi app to listen to we7 on my iPhone. It streams any audio from the computer

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