The app that reads money for the blind (and tourists)

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The MoneyReader is a new iPhone app from LookTel, helping the visually impaired keep track of their banknotes.

The MoneyReader app uses a proprietary recognition algorithm to read a bill put in front of the phone, then saying the amount out loud. Reports have it being both fast and accurate, so no problem leafing through a few bills when waiting to pay for something.

Available to use for US currency only at the moment, it could potentially be of use for tourists too, as US money is all the same size colour. So for those who are not familiar which is the Benjamin and which is the Abraham, maybe one for the next holiday?

Available from the App Store for $1.99.

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  • I think this app can be really useful if you want to detect which money do you have with you. I h=just hope these will be used for the Euros too.

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