Tech-Apple to brand itself with the music-Apple?

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Technology giant Apple has long been eyeing up the Apple Corp logo – the Granny Smith one belonging to the Beatles’ music label. Now it looks like the California group may be getting its wish, according to European trademark courts.

Tech-Apple has just filed an application to trademark the logos used on the Beatles albums – these being the outside of a Granny Smith apple, and the inside of an apple cut in half.

The issue stems back to 2007, when tech-Apple won the right to the fruit-shaped logo, but it has to licence it back to music-Apple. This ruling is thought to have been instrumental in finally getting the Beatles’ music on iTunes last December.

Hopefully Steve Jobs and co will treat the Granny Smith logo with due respect – but as Jobs is rumoured to have named in company in honour of the British band, chances are good.

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