Steve Jobs defies health rumours, returns to stage for Apple iPad 2 launch

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The face of Steve Jobs was a welcome sight at last night’s iPad 2 launch. The head of Apple showed up to greet his audience in spite of still being on official sick leave since 17 January. It was an event he couldn’t miss, Jobs said, as he presented the new iPad in San Francisco last night.

Jobs’ health has been the source of much discussion and concern following his 2009 sick leave, during which he underwent a liver transplant. This is the second time Jobs has taken medical leave, meaning the audience was surprised but happy to see the iconic figure make an appearance.

But rumours refuse to stop circulating regarding Jobs’ health, with some reports claiming he is actually very ill indeed. Dressed in his usual black turtleneck and jeans, Jobs’ presence last night was taken as a good sign. Jobs was described as looking thin, but in good spirits. 2011 will be the year of the iPad, Jobs promised, to whoops and cheers from the crowd. Get well soon, Steve.

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  • People are funny about Steve Jobs, Personally I wish him the best of luck…hopefully he can stay healthy 🙂

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