Nintendo 3DS hits new price low: £175 at Tesco

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nintendo-3ds-black.jpgThe pricing war over the Nintendo 3DS has hit a new low as Tesco have now undercut the competition by a considerable margin.

Available from midnight tonight, Tesco are offering up the 3D-capable handheld console for just £175, providing you buy a 3DS game at the same time.

Which, to be honest, is not much of a stipulation at all; it’s hard to imagine all that many buyers not snapping up a game or two at launch as well as the console itself.

Tesco take the title of “Cheapest Nintendo 3DS seller” by quite a wide stretch, knocking £12 off the previous low of £187 set by Amazon.

Check out our Nintendo 3DS review by clicking here. We’ll have a full run-down of the best launch titles tomorrow, but for now feast your eyes on our hands-on gallery below.

Gerald Lynch
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