LG Display to equip Sony with passive 3D screens?

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Sony may soon be getting passive 3D panels from LG Display, the manufacturing house backed by rival TV brand LG.

Reuters are reporting that Sony are in talks with LG Display about adopting the FPR 3D technology first revealed at CES 2011. It’ll come as a great boon for LG, making them a leading player in the 3D market through the Sony partnership, with the 3D market currently dominated by Samsung.

Should Sony go through with the deal, it will futher polarize the active vs. passive camps. Samsung’s Yoon Boo-keun, president of visual display, has already stuck the knife into FPR 3D technology. He was quoted by the Korean Herald as saying:

“FPR would give some advantages in cost but that’s all. FPR can’t realise Full HD images as it has technological drawbacks, limiting its use to small-sized mobile gadgets.”

Via: Reuters

Gerald Lynch
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