GreenGoose sensors turn life into a role-playing game for health nuts

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Liked playing The Sims? Then you’re going to love real life, where you work all day long, pay bills, grow old and die!

OK, so that was a rather nihilistic deconstruction of our love of life and video games, but those looking to inject a little more fun into their everyday lives may want to check out GreenGoose sensors.

A health-conscious, lifestyle tracking platform, it makes use of sensors in specially built bottles and containers, a credit-card sized pedometer, and toothbrush to award the user points on an online scoreboard.

Think of it like Foursquare for teeth-brushing; it basically turns life into a role-playing game, designed to encourage users to engage in healthy living practices.

While GreenGoose points are currently worthless, the company are looking into reward partnerships with companies with which users can redeem their healthy-living with real prizes. It probably won’t be a box of Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds vouchers though.

Find out more about GreenGoose by clicking here.

Via: MedGadget

Gerald Lynch
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  • This game really looks interesting. It might even save a bunch of people from weight-related health problems. However I think it will appeal mostly to people who are already healthy.

  • I think these sensors can help us to find the best places to post them. In this way, the environment will be more safe and healthy.

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