eBay to offer 50 free listings per month to all sellers

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All eBay sellers will soon be offered 50 free item listings per month, as the auction site looks to tempt back from rival selling sites.

Seeing user numbers drop since Amazon introduced their marketplace area, eBay will also charge lower commission on items sold through the site as of July. Sellers will also be encouraged to offer free shipping on all their items by taking a higher commission from auctions ending with expensive postages charges.

Vice President Todd Lutwak said: “We think these changes will really improve the marketplace for both buyers and sellers. We’re listening to our customers. We’re trying to understand their needs.”

Changes seem to benefit sellers and buyers alike which should go someway towards tempting back users who now see Amazon as a more trustworthy and convenient way of buying second-hand items online.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Seems to be a good offer and may get even more peple to sign up to the auction giant.

  • Its good they are bringing the buyers back with this too – ebay has definite strategy here

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