APP OF THE DAY: Tabular guitar tabs app (Android)

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tabular.jpgToday’s App of the Day is neither graphically flashy nor particularly technically impressive, but it’s likely one to raise a smile from anyone who’se ever strummed a few chords on a guitar.

Tabular is a free library of guitar and bass tablature sourced from the net, featuring thousands and thousands of pieces of sheet music for loads of fiddly axe songs. Organised by star ratings and with filters for bass, guitar and powertab files (the sort that plays back the musical notes you’re viewing), you’re able to download tabs and store them for offline viewing.

Great for the budding musician just earning his shredding stripes, and perfect for those in a group looking to show fellow band mates the way to play the classic cover they’ve got planned, it’s an ace little tool.

Click here to grab Tabular for free from the Android Market.

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Gerald Lynch
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