APP OF THE DAY: Samsonite Travel Miles (Android / iPhone)

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Clocking up long hours on the road, or travelling a lot for business? Then the Samsonite Travel Miles app may give you a good incentive to pack up your polka-dot knapsack and head on out once again.

Using your smartphone’s GPS data to log who much ground you’ve covered, the Samsonite Travel Miles app offers users freebies and rewards for those who make long journeys using the app. Each accumlated mile adds to a pool which can be exchanged for free Samsonite gifts with online purchases at their store.

Also integrated with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook so tha you can share your adventures through photos with pals, the app also offers handy airline information so that you don’t get caught out with unexpected baggage charges upon check-in.

“Over the last 100 year, Samsonite has worked constantly to bring quality, innovative products to the travel market,” said Lisa Jermy, Samsonite’s UK marketing manager.

“The first-ever Samsonite Travel Miles app is not only practical, but rewards people the more miles they cover; another great excuse to visit far-flung destinations or a way to make the most of your daily commute.”

Click here to grab the app for Android phones, and here to get it on iTunes.

Be aware however that some users are experiencing dropped journeys when they put their phones into flight mode when on airplanes, which would significantly affect the prizes you could grab.

(Android apps are reviewed using a HTC Desire HD – grab one here from Three)

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