APP OF THE DAY: we7RADIO (Android)

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If you’re looking to listen to music on the go, but can’t afford a monthly subscription to Spotify, costly iTunes downloads or data-intensive radio streaming stations, then you should give we7RADIO for Android handsets a try.

A free, ad-funded radio app, we7RADIO allows you to store personalised radio stations on your mobile, downloading them via your home Wi-Fi connection and then taking them on the go for offline playback. Pick a few favourite artists and genres, and you’ll have personalised music to suit your tastes when on the go.

You don’t eat up data and, thanks to te ad-funded model, you don’t have to pay a subscription fee.

Alternatively, a £9.99 a month subscription removes the adverts in the app, and allows whole albums and hand-picked playlists to be stored on your phone from We7’s 7 million-track library.

Availalble from the Android Marketplace now, the we7RADIO app will also be followed in April with versions for iPhone, iPad and iTouch. BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 versions will follow later in the year. Check out some shots of the app in action below.

(Android apps are reviewed using a HTC Desire HD – grab one here from Three)

Gerald Lynch
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