120 Wi-Fi hotpsots headed to London's tube network

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london-underground-logo.pngLondon’s Underground tube network is to get a series of Wi-Fi hotspots in time for next year’s Olympic Games, it has been revealed today.

120 hotspots will be coming to the capital’s tube stations, with the first 16 coming from the private networks staff themselves already use in some stations being made open to the public too.

While the networks’ ranges won’t extend into tunnels, those passing through stations or waiting on platforms will be able to check mail and websites on their web-connected devices during the morning commute. A tiral is already underway at Charing Cross station, as organised by BT.

TFL are currently looking for a company to undertake the installation process.

Via: Cellular News

Gerald Lynch
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  • This is so great that I had to comment. I am usually just a lurker, taking in knowledge and nodding my head in quiet approval at the good stuff.

  • Its really cool they are doing this…its perfect in time for the olympics and the visitors that will bring too

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