You've got tweet: Email usage drops 59% among teenagers who prefer mobile and Twitter

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In news that will make Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg jump with joy, email usage among teenagers between 12 and 17 fell a massive 59% in the past year, according to a study from ComScore.

Mobile SMS, and instant messaging on Facebook and Twitter, may become the standard means of communications for the next generation if this trend continues. While the fall was the most severe among kids, total email usage fell by 8% last year, the study showed. While email became more popular among the older demographics, up 22% among 55-64 year olds and up 28% among those over 65, this was not enough to stem the overall decline.

Social networks were the winners in the study with young people spending 14% of their online time using the likes of Facebook. This is a 3.8% increase from the year before.

There was some good news for email providers, however. While overall usage is down, the number of people accessing their email from their mobiles is rising. The number of US mobile users who accessed mobile email was up 36% from the previous year, with daily mobile email usage up 40%, according to ComScore.

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