Warner Bros release The Dark Knight and Inception as iPhone, iPad apps

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A chance to offer film fans more content,or just Warner Bros way of bypassing iTunes?

Who knows? Whatever the reasoning behind the film studio’s new dedicated movie apps that its just released for two of its biggest recent films, they certainly break new ground.

The interactive “app-editions” of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and Inception are free and come with the first five minutes of the film, along with a bevy of extra features like soundboards, soundtracks, games and the ability to share info via Twitter and Facebook.

If you want to download or have an unlimited stream of the whole movie, you can purchase it within the app along with further bonus material.

The Dark Knight will cost £5.99 for (a saving of a pound over the iTunes price), while Inception will set you back £11.49.

The move allows Warner Bros to sell the films in over 30 territories, including countries such as China and Brazil which do not currently have an iTunes video store up and running yet.

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