The hard (Apple) core: Official Mac OS 7 playing cards now going on eBay

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It’s called the ‘cult of Mac’ for a reason, it seems – the set of official Apple playing cards have now reached £313.57, with five days to go. Follow the auction here.

Yes, they are just regular playing cards, but don’t you see – they are official Mac OS 7 cards! And this particular deck may be the only one of its kind going, as it was never available for mortals to buy. Launched in 1997, the cards are adorned the icons used in Mac OS 7: there are bombs, clocks, Mac face and trash cans instead of clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades.

The cards are in mint conditions, says eBay seller dingers247, who has never played with them. “I bought this full set of playing cards from the on-campus Apple Shop located at Apple Computer’s Cupertino HQ in 1997,” the seller says in the eBay listing.

The deck of 52 cards comes with two jokers and box.

Apple used to issue a variety of Apple and Mac-branded gear for sale in Cupertino, or for use by the sales team, according to MacObserver, but most of this ended when Steve Jobs came back as CEO in 1997.

(Image via Ebay seller dingers247)

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