Sony ready VAIO C Series notebook range

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Sony have today released info on a colourful new range of notebooks under the VAIO C Series banner.

Available in a range of pastel shades, Sony say:

“The latest VAIO C Series showcases a radical style direction by Sony that stands out from run-of-the-mill notebook PCs. A choice of fashion colours include two special orange and green ‘light emitting’ options. This audacious design scatters light along edges of the translucent PC lid and other key surfaces to create a dramatic glow effect.”

All well and good, but what’s going on under the hood? Well, each 14-inch notebook comes with an Intel i5 Core, 320 GB of HDD space and 4GB of RAM, complete with a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium edition installed.

4 USB ports are included, while a 3D compatible HDMI-out means you’re only ever a cable away from pushing the 1366×768 display onto a bigscreen TV.

These notebooks will touchdown in March, exclusive for three weeks to John Lewis and Sony Centres from the 21st onwards.

Gerald Lynch
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