Panasonic HM-TA1 Video Review

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A few months ago Panasonic’s launched a new range of pocket HD camcorders in the shape of the HM-TA1, their competitor to the Flip.

Capable of shooting 1080p video, the 53 x 17.8 x 104mm HM-TA1 features a 2-inch LCD screen, a wide angle lens, digital zoom and an LED light, not often seen in pocket camcorders.

Recording straight to SD cards, the HM-TA1 can also be hooked up to Skype and used as a makeshift webcam, as well as featuring one touch controls for uploading videos to YouTube.

You’ll also be able to personalize the camcorder a little, as it features a removable silicone case that can be replaced with a handful of designs.

Check out our video review above.

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