MWC 2011: New Sonim XP3300 Force phone has 'world's longest talk time"

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sonim-xp-3300-force-teaser.jpg Cast your mind back a couple of years and you may remember Sonim’s tough-nut Land Rover handset.

Although primarily aimed at folks in the construction industry, the supposedly indestructible phone was also pitched towards clumsy types who have a habit of giving their mobile an accidental dive into the loo.

Their latest indestructible handset also looks likely to find favour beyond the building site, only this time with chatterboxes.

The XP3300 promises a ridiculous 20 to 24 hours of talk time, a figure that Sonim claim marks a record for mobile phones, and is good for over a month in standby.

With its decidely 20th century low-res colour screen, a 2MP camera, and an app site based around Java, it’s a long way short of being the most cutting edge phone at MWC, but then there’s not many out in Barcelona that can be submerged in 2 meters of water or withstand temperatures of between -4 and 131 Fahrenheit.

With 1.5mm Gorilla Glass covering the display, the housing of the device is reinforced with fiberglass and it can survive salt, fog, humidity, and thermal shock, while it can be dropped from seven metres onto concrete without the phone missing a beat.

No word on pricing, but you’ll only have to wait to May if you want to put it to the test.

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