iPhone 5 rumour mill: Next iPhone to have 4-inch display?

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The next iPhone may have a bigger 4-inch display, according to the latest speculation. This is half an inch up from the current 3.5 inches on the iPhone 4, and it should also be lighter than the current model.

Other rumours include NFC (near-field communication) capabilities, a slide-out keyboard and an improved camera – suggesting that Apple is taking the increasing competition from Android devices seriously. Many of these already have physical keyboards, bigger screens and better cameras; up to 8 megapixels compared to Apple’s 5. It seems likely Apple will crank up the camera specs, but whether or not it will include a ‘proper’ keyboard is more uncertain. While Apple has not traditionally courted the business user, this is slowly starting to change, so it is possible a physical keyboard will be added to appeal to this group.

The next iPhone is expected to come out this summer, going by Apple’s regular schedule, so we have a bit of a wait still. Some reports has the device will be completely redesigned, both in terms of specs as well as design – so it’s anyone’s guess, really.

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