iPad App Store gets extra search filters

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iPad and the App StoreWhile we have but a mere few quibbles with the iPad UI, hunting down a new app to keep you busy when you don’t have a specific one in mind can be a bit of a chore thanks to a lack of search options.

Until now you either browsed through the top sellers, typed in the name of a specific app, or scrolled through reams of individual listings.

Apple have streamlined the experience a little today, adding a new set of filters which should make the process a little less frustrating. You’ll now be able to filter apps using Free, Paid, Rating and Category tabs, and also search based on release date, be that within the last 7, 14 or 31 days. A reset button clears all filters.

That should make browsing the 60,000+ iPad apps on the store a little easier, not to mention the many compatible iPhone apps too.

Gerald Lynch
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