iPad 2 enters production say sources "familiar with the matter"

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The second generation of iPad tablets has now hit the production line according to sources “familiar with the matter”, say the Wall Street Journal.

Lining up nicely with previously rumoured manufacturing schedules which stated the iPad 2 would start shipping from the Foxconn plant in February, the news would be conistent with the whispers of a Spring launch for Apple’s new slate.

The sources go on to say that the iPad 2 is to have at “least one camera on the front of the device for features like video-conferencing”, but that “the resolution of the display will be similar to the first iPad”. No high-res Retina display then, with the rumoured super-sharp screen apparently postponed for a later model.

If the report is to be be believed however the iPad 2 will have increased memory and graphics processing capabilities.

The WSJ sate that the tablet will first hit the Verizon and AT&T networks in the States, which should put Verizon in an interesting marketing position conisdering that they are also exclusively carrying the “anti-iPad” Motorola Xoom Android slate.

Gerald Lynch
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