iBluek iPad Bluetooth keyboard case on the way for tablet typers

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dexim-ipad-keyboard.jpgApple’s iPad has a pretty impressive software keyboard, but you’d be lying through your teeth if you were to claim it was any match for a full-sized hardware one. Those looking to get a little bit more productive in the typing stakes on their tablet may then want to take a look at Dexim’s new iBluek Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad.

Powered by an internal lithium-ion battery and incredibly thin at 0.2 inches thick (despite being housed in a posh-looking leather folio) the iBluek is good for 19 hours of continuous usage and a sweet 3 months on standby.

Power-texters can also hook the keyboard up to their iPhone’s over USB and use it with their handsets too.

Out now, you can grab the iBluek from O2 stores prices £99.

Gerald Lynch
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