Huawei to bring mobile signal to London Underground

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Londoners may soon be able to make calls on the tube, thanks to a new system being installed by Chinese telecoms giants Huawei, worth £100 million.

Set to be launched in time for the 2012 Olympics, Huawei are offering the kit as a gift, running the system along the top of tube tunnels. They would make their money back from maintenance fees.

However there are those who distrust the move, following US fears of Chinese involvment in a similar deal stateside.

Personally I don’t think it’s Chinese governmental phone-tappers we need to worry about. I’d be more concerned with our mortal underground enemies the Mole-Men (pictured below) hi-jacking the service, learning all our secret human ways then overthrowing our overground rule. Huawei be warned – Londoners shall not bow down to new Mole-Men overlords!


Via: FT

Gerald Lynch
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