EXCLUSIVE: LG Optimus Pad is not suitable for pregnant women or toddlers

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LG’s Optimus Pad may be breaking the tablet mould and gadget loving hearts by throwing in 3D visuals, but hidden away in the slate’s 3D recording menus is a section called “Tips” which reads more like a series of heath warnings.

While the usual eye-fatigue warnings that accompany most 3D devices, such as not to view much more than 15 minutes worth of 3D content in anaglyph mode at a time are still present, LG specifically state that pregnant women and toddlers should not use the device in 3D at all.

To quote the tablet’s “tip” verbatim:

“Please, prevent children under the age of 5 or pregnant women from watching the 3D contents, immediately, stop using it”.

So, dont expect any 3D birthing guides or 3D Sesame Street apps to hit the Optimus Pad anytime soon.

Click the image above for an expanded view of the Optimus Pad’s recording tips screen.

Gerald Lynch
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