Cycling gets even greener with Nokia bicycle phone charger

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Cyclists! Fancy adding even more green credentials to your zero-emissions commute? Now you can, by charging your Nokia phone through pedal power.

Yours for £25, the bicycle charger is based on the old-fashioned dynamo, but instead of charging your lights it will now charge your phone. The dynamo will start producing power to your phone when you pedal at 6 km/h, which is around walking speed, but if you crank it up to 12km/h it will work just as efficiently as if you plugged your phone into an electric socket.

Not only green but efficient too, in other words. Nokia says that a 10 minute journey will produce enough power for 28 minutes of talk time, or 37 hours of standby time. The kit comes with a lead with a standard 2 mm jack, and a holder to attach the phone to the handlebars. The device is designed to stand up to dirt and water.

A nifty little device for those of us who like the two-wheel approach, this. Let’s just hope other manufacturers catch on, as Nokia’s handsets can actually boast pretty decent battery life to being with. So Apple and HTC, it’s time to get on your bikes!

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