Clint Mansell (Black Swan, Requiem For A Dream) to score Mass Effect 3 soundtrack

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Mass Effect 3, the sequel to the multi-award winning Xbox, PC and PS3 sci-fi RPG series has just earned itself some cinematic strpies with the announcement that Clint Mansell will be providing the game with its musical backdrop.

Though Mansell’s name may not be as well knwon as Johm Williams or Danny Elfman to the passing soundtrack fan, he’s down sterling work in Hollywood, working on Requiem For A Dream, super sci-fi flick Moon and much lauded work on the Oscar nominated Black Swan, in cinemas now.

Though you may not recognise its name, Lux Aeterna, the main theme from Requiem For A Dream (embedded above) has pretty much become the go-to piece for any dramatic scene on TV, soundtracking many a harrowing moment.

If Mansell can conjure anything nearly as epic as this for Mass Effect 3 then Commander Sheppard’s final voyage into the unknowns of space will be as riveting to listen to as it surely will be to play.

Gerald Lynch
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