APP OF THE DAY: Confession: A Roman Catholic App (iPhone / iPad)

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Confession-app-thumb.jpgBringing a whole new meaning to the iPhone’s “Jesus Phone” nickname, today’s App of the Day crown goes to Confession: A Roman Catholic App.

Turning your iPhone or iPad into a direct hotline to the big man upstairs, the app gives you a custom examination of your conscience based on age, sex and martial status, walking you through the nature of your sinning and offering 7 different acts of Contrition with which to prove your penance.

You’re even able to add new sins in, should your dastardly deeds go beyond the remit of the app.

However, developers Little iApps do include this disclaimer in the app’s description:

“It does not and can not take the place of confessing before a validly ordained Roman Catholic priest in a Confessional, in person, either face-to-face, or behind the screen. Why? Because Congregation on Divine Worship and the Sacraments has long ruled that Confessions by electronic media are invalid and that ABSOLUTION BY THE PRIEST must be given in person because the Seal of the Confessional must be protected and for the Sacrament to be valid there has to be both the matter and the form which means THE PRIEST.”

So there you have it; you’re putting the safety of your soul in your own hands by using this app, but we can hardly turn our noses up at eternal life for £1.19 can we?

Pick it up by clicking here. Scroll down for some shots of the app in action.

Thanks to @raipr for the tip!

Gerald Lynch
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