APP OF THE DAY: Skiver (Android)

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skiver.jpgThere are never enough holidays in a year: FACT. That’s why so many of us choose to watch Jeremy Kyle in our pyjamas all day rather than find work, and even more of us employed cogs in the capitalist machine pull the odd sickie every now and again.

If you’re an Android handset owner, you’ve now even got an app to help you in your deception. Skiver will not only give you the perfect illness to call upon when you’re feeling lazy, but also provide you with all its symptoms too to make your excuse fool-proof. The app will then offer up a few ideas of what fun stuff is going on near you so that you don’t end up wasting your day.

Michael Dunn, Technical Director of Gospelware said: “Skiver provides users with a solid cover story to fool their boss into thinking they are genuinely ill. 25% of bosses now accept an email or text from their employees informing them they are ill rather than the traditional phone call.

“Of course we are not encouraging people to take unnecessary sick days, Skiver is a fun tongue in cheek app that is designed to be a leisure time search function for users to find music, film and cultural activities in their area.”

You can pick Skiver up for 59p from the Android Market store. Click here to visit the app’s official website.

Alternatively, just tell your boss you’ve got a spot of diarrhoea. They never question that one, seriously…

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Gerald Lynch
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