Vimeo Now Supports Full Length HD Films



Vimeo has announced that they will now allow their Plus users to upload HD videos as big as 5 gigs (approx 2.5 hours in length). Great news for any budding young filmmakers who want to share their work with the world.

Vimeo, is one of the few online video hosting services that has been able to not only survive YouTube, but thrive. They have achieved this by engaging and harboring filmmakers and video creators who wanted to share creative work. This move is further evidence of how Vimeo is establishing a niche for itself in a in a YouTube-dominated world.

It is also a very timely move, as the demand for smart or connected TVs grows. Hosting almost entirely original content, Vimeo is situating itself in an attractive position as more people will begin to search for high quality online video content.

We hope this news will lead to some great new content from their already flourishing independent filmmaker community.

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