Science cures the hangover! With coffee and aspirin…

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Eureka! The most important scientific discovery of all time has been reached; no more headaches, no more puking, the hangover has been cured!

Michael Oshinsky of Thomas Jefferson Universtiy in Philadelphia made the discovery after, well, getting a load of rats drunk.

His conclusion; drink lots of coffee and take some aspirin.

No seriously. If it takes a PhD to figure that one out, I might start walking around calling myself Doctor Lynch. But at least his reasoning seems solid. After speaking with Oshinsky, the Telegraph reported that:

Ethanol brings on headaches thanks to a chemical acetate it can produce and even low doses can affect some people more than others, said the study.

Professor Michael Oshinsky, of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, induced headaches in rats using small amounts of ethanol.

He then gave them doses of caffeine and anti-inflammatories to find it blocked the acetate and relieved the headaches.

No more raw-eggs-on-cornflakes-with-a-coke-vodka-red-bull-chaser for breakfast after a heavy night for me anymore then! God, I love science.

Via: The Telegraph

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