Kinect to officially support PC and Mac soon?

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Microsoft’s Kinect Xbox 360 motion controller has got off to a blistering start, with sales rapidly outdoing Sony’s Move and legions of new gamers being drawn to the console. In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, it’s also attracting a large PC modding community, unofficially hacking the unit to do all manner of things.

It now seems that Microsoft are planning on adding official PC and Mac support in the near future, with driver support and an SDK touching down soon.

The official support is due “in the coming months and will allow third-party developers to create titles that utilise the Kinect sensor when plugged into a computer”, a source at Microsoft revealed. Could this also mean XNA Game Studio support is on the way, allowing for indie Kinect titles to hit the 360 Live Arcade scene?

Ballmer himself said at CES 2011 that Kinect would hit Windows “in the right time”, so we’d hazard a guess that you can lift this one out of the rumour mill and onto the tech waiting list.

Via: Destructoid

Gerald Lynch
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