Kinect drives record quarterly earnings for Microsoft

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The launch of the Kinect Motion controller has resulted in record quartley earnings for Microsoft.

8 million Kinect units were sold, leading to a 55 percent improvement in performance for the company’s entertainment division compared to the previous year.

Total revenue was $19.95 billion with $8 billion worth of profits reaped. The gaming division accounted for $3.6 billion of those revenues, made up of 6.3 million Xbox 360 console sales, the afore mentioned 8 million Kinect units and a 30% increase in premium Xbox live memberships.

“We are enthusiastic about the consumer response to our holiday lineup of products, including the launch of Kinect. The eight million units of Kinect sensors sold in just 60 days far exceeded our expectations,” said Microsoft CFO Peter Klein.

“The pace of business spending, combined with strong consumer demand, led to another quarter of operating margin expansion and solid earnings per share growth.”

The news comes in sharp relief to that of Nintendo’s fortunes, whose own recent quarterly report revealed a 46% drop in profits as handheld gamers hold back their cash until the imminent launch of the Nintendo 3DS.

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