CES 2011 – Toshiba promise glasses-free 3D TVs at retail by April

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Glasses-free 3D TV may well be the future of home entertainment, but that future may well be a lot closer on the calendar than you’d think. If Toshiba have anything to do with it, you may see them in stores as soon as April of this year.

Though they’re staying tight-lipped on the advances they’ve made to push the autosteroscopic TVs to retail so quickly, we do know they will feature LED-backing and a whopping 4096 x 2160 pixel resoltuion. All screens will be over 40 inches in size, with 56 and 65 inch models on show.

The CEVO processing engine will power the show, but whether or not it’ll be capable of offering decent viewing angles and a true illusion of depth is yet to be seen.

The TVs will be on the show floor from tomorrow, so we’ll head on down there and give you are impressions as soon as we can.

Gerald Lynch
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