CES 2011 – Cinemin Slice pico-projects your iPad vids


Now here’s something we’re suprised to have not seen more of over the past few months – an iPad projection system.

This one’s called the Slice, and it’s made by Cinemin. A DLP pico projector dock, it can throw vids out at a max resolution of 854 x 480 resolution, with a brightness level of 16 ANSI lumens.

Now while neither the resolution nor brightness level are anything to write home about, it’s a compat and simple solution for making your iPad-housed vids a little more cinema-like, what with it’s built in speakers to produce 50-inch plus images (albeit washed-out ones).

Connectivity comes courtesy of HDMI and VGA ports, while we saw the projector manage to throw a picture out 20-odd feet in a well lit room with reasonable success.

Find out more by visiting www.wowwee.com, and be sure to check out our preview vid above.

Gerald Lynch