CES 2011 – Avatar Kinect unveiled

CES 2011

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer recently finished his big keynote announcing among other things, new tablet PCs and the very cool Surface technology. The big story though is that coming in Spring 2011 is Avatar Kinect. Using this technology Kinect will be able to track facial expressions and map, in real time, eyebrows and mouth movements. Whatever you do your Avatar mimics it. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

You also get to walk through virtual worlds interacting in virtual rooms with your friends. Ballmer also mentioned how he thought that it would spark groups discussions with individuals meeting online in a more organic way.

One of the really interesting things is how your bad habits – facial ticks, nervous judders and the rest – will be replicated in your Avatar. You will really be able to see yourself as others see you. Scary eh!

It is due in Spring 2011. More news as we get it.

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