APP OF THE DAY: Come Dine With Me (iPhone)

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Thinking of honing your dinner party b*tch-fest skills? Then you might want to give the new Come Dine With Me iPhone app a look.

Branded after the popular reality TV show where strangers visit each others’ houses to slag off the cooking on offer, the iPhone app features wine pairing tutorials, wine tasting lessons, recipes and three course menu options.

You’ll also get the option of scoring meals out of ten (just like in the show), while the programme’s narrator Dave Lamb is on hand to offer some snide commentary.

“We are really excited to be able to give fans of the show an opportunity to be part of Come Dine With Me and experience the trials and tribulations that contestants have to go through when hosting their own dinner party”, said Helen Warner, Channel 4’s Head of Daytime. “What better way to do it than with a helping hand on recipe and wine choices, scoring systems and a few choice comments from our very own Dave Lamb?”

The app costs £1.79 and can be grabbed here. Scroll down for some shots of the app in action.

Gerald Lynch
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