Unlucky number 13 for Apple as Nokia file that many new patent complaints against them

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nokia.jpgNokia has filed 13 more patent infringement claims against iPhone makers Apple, proving that the number is unlucky for some.

It brings the total number of infringement claims brought against Apple by Nokia up to 37. Touchscreen, Wi-Fi and 3G technologies are in dispute, with Nokia claiming some of the patents were theirs ten years prior to the iPhone’s launch.

The first round of court hearings opened in October 2009, with the action now including hearings in the UK, Germany and Holland.

It’s going to be a long and gruelling process, if the words of a spokesman from Nokia are anything to go by: “We would expect it to come to trial in 2011/2012. Clearly we are confident about our position, the patents filed are just a small selection of our entire patent portfolio and the results of two decades of R&D investment worth €40bn.”

To make matters ore complicated, Apple arecountersuing Nokia over sperate patentsin the US and UK, as well as seperate legal dealings with Motorola, HTC and Google’s Android platform.

Gerald Lynch
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