Teufel Concept D 500 THX PC speakers launched

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I’ve been looking to “redifine my PC audio” for quite a while now. I tried giving my speakers a polka-dot makeover with some tip-ex and a sharpie pen, even went as far as ringing up the OED HQ to see if I could get the definition of “PC Audio” changed in the dictionary. All to no avail. Imagine my delight then when the release for the Teufel Concept D 500 THX PC speakers hit my desk this morning, with the claim that the set “redefines PC audio”. I wept small glittery tears of joy akin to that of a baby unicorn’s.

All-rather-tenuous jokes aside, the Concept D 500 THX PC speakers look pretty impressive to be fair. A 2.1 set, they have a 300 watt Class D subwoofer that’s nearly half a metre tall and contains two 165mm bass drivers.

Two 2-way satellite speakers with 100mm mid-to-low-range drivers and 19mm waveguide tweeters sit either side and are wall mountable.

Looking and (presumably) sounding very neat, they’ll set you back £449 from www.teufelaudio.co.uk.

Click below for some more shots of the Teufel Concept D 500 THX PC speakers.

Gerald Lynch
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