Samsung Gloria: The QWERTY Galaxy Tab?

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Here’sa shot out of the dark; rumour has it that Samsung are planning to reveal a new ten-inch variant of the Galaxy Tab. Not just a mere bump-up in size from the already-available seven inch version, this rumoured device appears to have quite a different design.

Codenamed the Gloria Galaxy Tab, it features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, much like Nokia’s N900 handset. Perhaps even more interestingly is the fact it’s supposedly running Windows 7 asit’s operating system as opposed to Android.

According to the source, this one will see the light of day in shops next Spring, meaning a January CES reveal would be an almost-certainty. However, we’re a little skeptical on the validity of this one, so we’ll file it under “One to look out for” and keep you posted with any official news.

Via: Blogee

Gerald Lynch
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