Parrot Launch New Digital 'Lightbox' Frame


parrot dia

Parrot has just announced their latest digital photo frame: DIA, in collaboration with Jean-Louis Frechin, the founder of nodesign agency.

Frenchin described his inspiration for the beautifully designed frame stating:

“Today, screens are all the same. So, with my partner Uros Petrevski, we had to find a different type of screen, without falling into the category of ‘do different just to be different’. We started to handle slide film, to dismantle screens, to play with transparency of light,” explains Jean-Louis Frechin. “DIA frame was born from the idea that it is impossible to represent a printed image on a photo frame. So our frame is close to a slide film, with the quality of transparence, light and format of professional ektachrome.”

The DIA, resembles a white rectangle light box, through which your photos are displayed on a 10×4 inch high resolution screen. Over all the device is kept very minimal with tactile buttons and a trackball to search in the menu of the frame.

The frame is bundled with a number of really interesting apps including Holidays 2.0. This allows you to geotag your journey on your mobile device or camera. You then upload your images to the frame, and they will appear once you fly over the country, the city or the street where the pictures were taken. This might not be the most useful app, but it certainly has a nice sentiment to it. The device also allows you to access Facebook, news, sport, etc through RSS feeds.

The DIA runs on the Android OS and has two USB ports so that you can connection a keyboard and mouse to the frame. It also has its own personal email address so you can email photos directly to the frame, making it a great gift for anyone with family living far away.

The DIA will be available in the UK from February 2011

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