Kinect accuracy to improve to finger-tracking levels?

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A firmware update may be on the way that could see the accuracy of Microsoft’s Kinect motion-control sensor improve dramatically, according to EuroGamer.

Though the Kinect’s sensor was initially only believed to be capable of understanding images at 320 x 240 resolution, it now turns out that it maxes out at 640 x 480 if tweaked with appropriate firmware changes.

The higher quality would allow for tracking of individual fingers and joint rotations, something not currently possible with the Kinect.

The limitations currently lie with the USB controller interface. It’s capable of pushing around 35MBps of data, but is capped at around 15MBps so as to handle multiple USB inputs simultaneously. The Kinect update would require significantly more.

It sounds promising, so here’s hoping Microsoft can figure out a work around soon.

Gerald Lynch
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